How To Pair Customized T-shirts For An Awesome Look

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If you are a lover of customized tees perhaps you fancy incredible designs such as our special cat lover t-shirt. Nevertheless, you may start feeling overwhelmed especially if you are planning for an occasion without knowing what to pair with your tee. How can you pair your customized tee in a way that will spell classy rather than failure? We will be looking at three crucial factors to consider.

Always think about colors

Well, the most important thing when it comes to pairing outfits is colors. You want your outfit ensemble to flow especially when selecting tops and bottoms. Even though you may have customized tees in various colors, always focus on the one that complements the color of the other outfit. This way you will always maintain a balanced look and avoid a gaudy appearance.

Furthermore, to make it easier always have your neutral colors when pairing your tees. This includes shades of grey, black, white, or brown. Why is this so? These colors are often easy to pair with others. They are usually seen as a base- foundation in pairing. When you start with neutral colors it will be easier to add other brighter colors as well without any complication. For instance, bright-colored lucky cat t-shirts can be paired with neutral bottoms for a balanced look outfit.

Considering the textures

Different textures can add dimension to an outfit. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the textures you desire while pairing. The secret in this is focusing on those that aren’t complicated to avoid an overdressed or disorganized appearance. Blend your textures in a simplified manner to achieve a classy feel.  Our customized cotton cat lover t-shirt can pair perfectly with denim or leather. We encourage you to be creative and see how our customized tees can be a successful pair to your other outfits.

Pair according to season and occasion

Keep your customized tees spiced up for any season or occasion. Ensure that you are maintaining your style and comfort during either summer or winter. Moreover, choose a customized tee design that corresponds with the appropriate setting.

Examples of outfits to pair with customized tees

  • Blazers: This is the perfect outerwear to pair with a customized tee for fall or even dress-up events. Consider your cat-lover t-shirt with a cotton or leather blazer.
  • Tees with tracksuit: Maintain a casual or athleisure look when you pair your customized tee with a matchy tracksuit.
  • Tees with chinos: It is an awesome gentle manly appearance for guys who love an upscale street style.

There are many other ideas you can think about when it comes to pairing your customized tees. We have excellent categories of these designs printed with symbols to add that charm to your look.