Love Cat Big Heart Champion Hoodie

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The Love Cat Big Heart Hoodie is the perfect way to express your love! Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, it is warm and toasty.   With a spacious front pocket and a soft, textured knit pattern, you can be comfortable and be yourself while loving your day.  Whether you're running errands or taking the time to rest and relax, this hoodie is sure to keep you cozy and feeling loved.

Regular fit measurements: (width, length, sleeve length, inches) - Medium heavy fabric.

Small:  20.00", 27.00", 36.00"

Medium:  21.90", 28.00", 36.75"

Large:  24.00", 29.00', 37.50"

X-large:  26.00", 30.00", 38.25"

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